Sienna X Spray tan benefits

Like a tan in the sun, with a Sienna X spray tan you get the same great natural look. The big difference is you are not subjecting your self to the harmful UV that ages and damages your skin.

Sienna X spray tan solution contains Q10 which is a moisturising co enzyme. Q10 is an anti ageing ingredient with proven results. Q10 will leave you skin moisturised and healthy.

Its fast!!! Just leaving the spray tan on for 8 hours development can give you the same colour as spending over a week sun bathing.
Don’t worry if you have left everything to the last minute we also offer the Sienna X “tonight’s the night” solution which gives you a light tan in 2 hours, medium in 3 and dark in 4 hours.

The solution dries very quickly which allows you to get dressed as soon as you tan is complete.

It smells good. Sienna X has a lovely coconut fragrance which unlike lots of other spray tans wont leave you smelling like a digestive biscuit.